Welcome to Vidya Yoga Ashram

Vidya Yoga is a traditional yogdestaquea lineage which started over 10,000 years ago, in the foothills of the Himalayas, where the Ancient Rishi Culture began. This culture is based upon the knowledge of great sages, shared over the years through the Master-Disciple relationship (called Paramparay in Sanskrit).

Our philosophy was brought to Brazil by Great-Master Swami Vyaghrananda (Master Hee Song Kim) in the early 60’s, after a long journey through the United States, Europe and Asia. Vidya Yoga was officially founded in Brazil in 1980 by his disciple Swami Vyaghra Yogi (Master Uberto Gama), current president of the Philosophical Order.

Our system is aimed at transforming one’s life positively through spiritual development, quality of life and prophylaxis. Vidya Yoga’s ultimate goal, as well as any other kind of Yoga, is to eventually lead the practitioner to the enlightenment of consciousness.

Our Ashram

Our headquarters is located in the city of Quatro Barras, only 20 km away from Curitiba, the capital of the state of Parana. With an area of over 5,000 km2, the Ashram works as a community that gathers our members, students and the public in general.

We hold meetings, vegetarian luncheons, courses and retreats over the year. You can visit us during the week days or you can book a stay for the weekend.

We also offer massage therapy sessions, meditation and Vidya Yoga classes, martial arts classes, spiritual advice appointments (how could I say something like that), and integrative medicine appointments with our physicians.

Contact us by e-mail for further information.

Vidya Yoga Classes

By practicing Vidya Yoga you will feel physically, mentally and emotionally healthier. The class helps with stretching and improves flexibility of your skeletal body, joints and muscles. The postures strengthen the spine and improve the nervous system.

During the class we do breathing exercises and relaxation techniques as well as meditation. Our class goes beyond the physical aspects and aims at reducing stress and anxiety and giving the practitioner a moment to be in touch with him or herself.

You can start the practice at any age. Although there are several people in the class, the practice is individual. We advise our students to focus on their own practice and respect their physical limits.

Take a look at our locations in Sao Paulo and Curitiba and try a free first class.

The classes at our schools are in Portuguese but we have English speaking teachers who attend personal classes at your own residence.

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